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If your looking to maintain your existing flower beds or looking to create a new look, Mow Stars can help. We are ready to weed your beds, we can also add mulch to help keep the weeds down and to keep the soil moist and mulching will make your beds look fresh. We also can add weed barriers to block weeds from overtaking your beds. ‚Äč We also can pick up your selected plants from your nursery and deliver to your residence or work. We also can plant your new plants. Flower change schedules are also accepted. Flower Bed Weeding is the process of raking up or damaging the overhanging flowers that are on the edges of the bed and leaving a clean, level surface for planting. In the past, flower bed weeding involved using an eraser tool to remove the blooms from the bed. The process is much more efficient these days because there are self-propelled crushers that gently scrape the bloom from the bed without causing damage to the surrounding flora. Flower Bed Weeding can be a tedious job, especially if you have a large quantity of flower beds that need to be weeded. It is important to follow the right procedures when flower bed weeding to ensure you do not damage the garden. The first step to flower bed weeding is to get rid of any unwanted foliage that has fallen from the flowers. Remove any twigs or other low branches that may be poking out from between the blooms. Make sure the leaves don't fall into the bed and collect on the soil. If the majority of the leaves that were falling have been removed, the next step is to rake up the loose dirt and plant-life in the bed. This part of the process requires some patience as the dirt must be moved along with the leaves. There may be some good compost in the area that can be added to the bed. To remove weeds, use a weed whacker and make sure the area is well weeded before watering. When it comes time to fertilize, apply a good garden-based fertilizer to the surface of the bed. Seedlings may require a lower amount of fertilizer than traditional plants, but it will be fine to add more as the soil begins to break down. Carefully follow all of the directions on the fertilizer. Once the bed is fertilized, place the container and go. You should be able to enjoy flowers and soil for another year without worrying about your garden again.

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