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Lawn aeration is simple. It's the process of air moving between the soil and the rest of the atmosphere. In this way, aeration is a naturally occurring process. Air is always moving between the soil and the atmosphere, no matter the health of your grass. A smart move to reduce water evaporation and runoff is lawn aeration. The fact is, if you want your yard to look its best and to be the most efficient at absorbing and holding moisture, you need to have aerated grass. And if can't afford professional lawn aeration, you can do it yourself. It's actually a very straightforward process that doesn't require much skill or experience. You don't even need a drill. There are no special tools or equipment - all you need is a sharp knife and some grass clippings. You start by cutting around the base of the grass blades at the level of the soil to make a divot that helps keep the blade in place. Now you cut into the grass and collect clippings. Your clippings should be no more than one inch thick and have no larger than about one inch wide. It may help to bring in some sand or grit, just to ensure that the grass does not settle and stick to the blades of grass. Finally, throw the clippings into a plastic bag and seal tightly. The point here is that you can aerate as you go along. Once you have your grass clippings, you can either dispose of them after using them or use them for planting. The idea is to constantly move the aerated grass from the front of the lawn to the back. This keeps the roots exposed to the air and makes them healthy. In addition, you should aerate at least once a year and preferably as often as possible.

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