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Mow Stars Snow & Ice Removal

Got Snow and Ice problems. Mow Stars can help with our Snow Removal and De-Icing Services.We offer many different options and pricing for our clients.Click the Get A Quote button for instant pricing. Mow Stars we are dedicated to servicing you with snow and ice management, our dedicated teams of experienced snow contractors are ready for dispatch during any snowstorm and are quick to act on the winter weather. We will preform snow shoveling of driveways and sidewalks and assist in clearing out parking lots to help your business thats affected by any winter storms.

Snow & Ice Sidewalk Cleaning

We can assist with keeping walkways, sidewalks and steps clear from ice and snow to make sure that injuries are kept to a minimum and that safe passage for both your visitors, family and employees are safe. Mow Stars works with you during snow events to ake sure that your sidewalks are clear and safe, scheduling is very flexable so coming back will not be a problem when a storm event continues in lenght and continually dump snow and freezing rain. We have the contractors and tools in place to make this happen quickly. We offer a full range of deicing materials and services applicable to your properties needs to keep those walkways and steps safe and accessible for the duration of the storm and beyond.

Ice Control

Looking to place salt before the storm? We can do that. We can salt all winter long or on a schedule or as needed to replenish as usage warrants. Our contractors have salt with them and can easily and quickly get to your site to mitigate problem spots quickly to limit injuries or accidents. This is a great service that will provide protection for slip and fall accidents that can result in claims.

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